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The Securities Group, LLC, (“TSG”) is a privately held Broker/Dealer firm specializing in healthcare related partnerships with physicians. TSG has raised over $300,000,000 having syndicated over 300 healthcare projects including whole hospital exemptions, ambulatory surgery centers, surgical hospitals, PET Imaging facilities, CATH labs and medical office buildings.

TSG is registered in numerous states and can generally complete the state registration process in 30 days depending on the nuances of each state. Since we're a boutique firm, we can be flexible with our clients in terms of the services they require for their various projects. Generally, TSG’s involvement begins as the Private Offering Memorandum is being developed to assist in the review process and ensure FINRA compliance.

TSG typically establishes the escrow relationship by contracting with the issuer's bank of choice. Our team facilitates all individual meetings with prospective investors in conjunction with the appropriate members of our client’s team. We remain in the market until the subscription package and checks are collected and the offering is completed.



6465 North Quail Hollow Road | Suite 400 | Memphis, TN 38120